Seeing a book come to life is a great experience. I remember the first time Kevin introduced our critique group to Sam. We were sitting at our usual spot at Café 33 and as we read the first chapter, I remember thinking how authentic it all felt. Like Sam, I was also a kid daydreaming of adventure. That’s what I think is so brilliant about Kevin’s work – the ability to tap into what kids want, and how they see the world.


Sam is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary imagination. He has to have vivid daydreams, otherwise nothing exciting would ever happen, and he so longs for something exciting to happen. One day, while visiting his grandmother, he discovers a birthday gift from his long-lost grandfather. Through this gift, Sam learns of his extraordinary heritage and is transported to another realm where he must solve riddles, lead pirates, fight savage warriors, face his greatest fear, come face-to-face with a dragon, and confront the realm’s dark leader, Cormac.

Sam is a great protagonist. While he longs for adventure, he’s afraid that he doesn’t have what it takes to succeed. Throughout the book, he is pushed to his limits and ultimately learns that he is far more capable than he ever dreamed.

The action is fast-paced and the dialogue is hilarious. EXTRAORDINARY SAM and THE ADVENTURERS’ GUILD is perfect for kids, 8 years old and up, who dream of one day going on an exciting adventure of their own. So basically, every kid.

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