Honest-TruthMark has been sick on and off for years. When the latest tests come back, he knows he’s in for another round of treatments and long hospital stays. Maybe for the last time.

Mark’s grandfather shared his love of mountain climbing with his grandson. Ever since, it’s been Mark’s dream to climb Mt. Rainier. He knows this is his last chance. So, he runs away with Beau, the best dog ever, and heads for the mountain.

Of course, his parents and his best friend, Jesse, are frantic with worry. Then a severe winter storm hits the area. Can a skinny, bald, sick boy survive a mountain climb under these dangerous conditions? Does he want to?

Put this book on your “Must Read” list immediately. But don’t start it late at night. Mark’s travel adventures will compel you to keep reading much longer than you planned. You’ll be cheering him on, while at the same time you’re hoping he is found and returned safely to his parents. It’s a brilliant tale about courage, fear, love, and the irrepressible human spirit.

Highly recommended for children ages 11 and up. I predict THE HONEST TRUTH will be winning many awards.