Mrs. Rapscott's Girls

Is Ms. Rapscott the Mary Poppins of our age? Absolutely, Ms. Rapscott rescues deserving children with doses of common sense and magic, delivered not in teaspoons of sugar, but adventure. And the first step on their long- road to recovery is making sure they get good and lost!

Ms. Rapscott is the Headmistress for the Great Rapscott School for Girls of Busy Parents. Parents receive the following invitation:

“Too busy to bring your daughter to the Great Rapscott School?

Not a Problem! For your convenience we have provided this easy to use self-addressed box in which to safely mail your daughter.

No postage necessary. Crackers and cheese are free. “

Five eight-year old girls set off in boxes to the school but only four arrive. Dahlia Thistle is lost because her mother forgot to pull off the kwik-close tape to secure the E-Z shut flaps! How did this tragedy happen? Her mother was too busy of course.

Ms. Rapscott proclaims “Typically, daughters of busy parents can slip down wells, plummet off balconies, or be dragged out to sea, but statistically ninety percent of them simply get…lost.” She’s about to do something about THAT.

Ms. Rapscott announces that this term the girls will be learning how to find their way. So begins the adventure where the girls will search for their missing classmate by getting lost. When they face hurdles of all kinds looking for Dahlia, they find themselves.

Ms. Rapscott never intends to change their parents, only the girls. Taking her lead from the words of Amelia Earhart who said, “Adventure is worthwhile in itself!” The girls will learn bravery, self-reliance and friendship, in the most unusual ways!

Ms. Rapscott’s Girls is a whimsical tale that will have both children and adults laughing out loud. It is a must read.