The League of Beastly Dreadfuls

What’s not to love about a middle-grade book set in an abandoned insane asylum?

Eleven-year old Anastasia finds herself unexpectedly in St. Agony’s asylum after two spinsters who claim to be her “Aunts” arrive with dreadful news—her parents are dead. But more dreadful news follows. The asylum is on grounds protected by an electric fence to protect them from a creature in the woods, the gardener wears a birdcage on his head because he bites, meals are only mysterious lumps, because lumps are better for her, and she is to be locked in her room at night for her protection.

Anastasia won’t stand for any of that! She wanders around the asylum and makes many unusual discoveries not only about the asylum, but also about herself. She is developing a taste for bugs and doesn’t know why!

This book will have you laughing hysterically and needing treatment, no pun intended. The treatment needed is Book 2 of the series of course!

This is a laugh out-loud must read.