The Luck Uglies Fork Tongue Charmers by Paul Durham

In THE LUCK UGLIES, FORK-TONGUE CHARMERS, the story picks up a few months after Rye O’Chanter and Harmless, her Luck Ugly father, have stopped the Bog Noblins from destroying the Village Drowning. This time around, the O’Chanter family have been declared outlaws and must flee to the Isle of Pest.

The threat of being captured by the Earl of Longchance’s new constable is the least of Rye’s troubles. A fork-tongued Luck Ugly named Slinister, has threatened her and all she holds dear. Escaping to the remote island doesn’t provide safety for the group for long as danger quickly finds its way to the shores of Pest and Rye must lead the charge to stop the invaders. Surprises await when she returns home, and she questions who she can trust.

In this second installment to the Luck Uglies series, Durham has increased the danger, raised the stakes, and continued to develop a strong character that you cannot help but root for. He has raised the bar for this fun adventure series and I am looking forward to finding out where he will take the story next.

I highly recommend this thrilling addition to the Luck Ugly series.