Raising Rufus by David Fulk

I had the opportunity to preview RAISING RUFUS by David Fulk before it came out this month and it was one exciting story. Martin Tinker, a shy sixth grader who enjoys exploring the woods behind his family home, finds an odd looking rock in a quarry that he wasn’t supposed to be in. So, he does what any kid might do – he brings it home. When this frozen rock souvenir thaws out and hatches in his barn, the distorted baby lizard decides that Martin is his mom and his world is turned upside down. “No pets allowed” is the rule that his parents have been saying for years so Martin has to keep his new friend hidden in the barn and he uses his allowance and even gets a summer job to pay for food for his new pet. Unfortunately, this lizard gets bigger and bigger and BIGGER until Martin realizes that it is an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex! Martin has to figure out a way to keep this dino hidden, and fed, and calm without getting discovered but soon realizes that he has to share his secret to keep his secret before his pet dinosaur takes over the whole town.

During the adventure, Martin learns a lot about responsibility and makes a good friend along the way. Martin and his parents grow and change through the story but not as much as Rufus the T. Rex. Fulk did a great job keeping the reader involved in the action in RAISING RUFUS and I highly recommend this book for readers over 8 years old.


David Fulk is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter/director, and novelist. He grew up near Chicago and has lived in Missouri, Louisiana, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Belgium, India, and Wisconsin. He currently lives near Boston with his pet T. Rex, Rosie.


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