Of Enemies and Endings

Balancing being a writer and stay-at-home dad during the summer has one drawback… reduced reading time! But as the saying goes…good things come to those who wait. In this case, the good this was OF ENEMIES AND ENDINGS by Shelby Bach.

The four-part series follows Rory from learning that she has been invited to attend an “Ever After” after school program to the satisfying conclusion where the sword-wielding heroine gets to have take part in her own “story.” Bach does a wonderful job of weaving her contemporary character into classic fairy tale worlds.

Up until now, the adventures and battles have all taken place in the other world, but Rory’s confrontation with the Snow Queen, and her evil allies, crosses over to places thought to be safe. The final battle is the greatest of them all and Rory’s inner strength and fighting ability are put to the test.

THE EVER AFTERS is a great story for 9 and up. If you haven’t read books 1-3, start there and enjoy the ride (makes the final story even more enjoyable.

New to the series or big fan… here’s your chance to win signed copies of the entire series, including an ARC (Advance Reviewer Copy) of the final book. Enter now!


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