Finding Serendipity by Angela Banks

Australian authors Heather Rose and Danielle Wood (writing as Angelica Banks) have created a tale that will both delight and inspire children and adults alike, especially those who aspire to be writers!

Eleven-year old Tuesday McGillycuddy is used to keeping secrets. She’s not supposed to tell anyone her mother is the famous author Serendipity Smith creator of the Vivienne Small adventure series. But she never imagined her mother was keeping secrets from her! Her mother has a magic typewriter that turns words into silvery threads capable of flying those who create them to an amazing fantasy world. It’s the place where writers go to get their inspiration and can live in the adventures they create. It is the land of stories.

Now Serendipity Smith is missing and though Tuesday’s father wants to rescue her, he cannot. The magic typewriter won’t work for just anyone, only those who have a story inside them. So it’s up to Tuesday and her dog Baxterr to mount a rescue by …what else, writing their own adventure story.

Tuesday and Baxterr manage to get into what they think Serendipity was writing: THE END of the Vivienne Small series. But THE END is not what they expect, and they must team up with none other than Vivienne Small against the evil pirate Mothwood. Tuesday will add a few twists of her own to the adventure to make it all end happily.

This story is perfect for readers aged 8 to 12 and those adults that need a reminder that the best things happen when they go where serendipity takes them! It is a must read.