Scarescapes Book One Phantom Limbs by Jake Bible

A clever plot and quick pace reel readers in to the world of SCARESCAPES. Book One introduces the problem. Something has gone wrong on Earth spaceship Scorpio. It is millions of light years off its course and 900 years too late to its destination. The ship’s computer has awakened only seven children from the crew. It is up to them to find out why. But first, they make the gruesome discovery that parts of them have not made it through the journey. The ship’s computer has replaced some of their limbs with cyber parts. They also find out the service bots on board are trying to kill them. When the children find a ship within the ship, they find safe haven, but not without mystery. Scorpio’s computer won’t even acknowledge the other ship exists!

Phantom Limbs is the beginning of the serialized adventure that continues in Book Two: Systems Failure and Book Three: The Sleep Walking Dead.

Fast action and lots of dialogue make this a quick read for the 9-12 year- old group and will be especially appealing to boys and reluctant readers. But be forewarned. Book one hooks you in and leaves you hanging. Readers will want to read the entire series to see what happens.