Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley

Magic is not what you think.

It’s not made of spells and special effects. It’s not even something you do. It’s something that finds you. Innocent and fragile, it doesn’t seem special at all. But that’s exactly why it can change you. This is the magic of Circus Mirandus.

Ten-year old Micah’s Grandpa Ephraim is dying and his last wish is for a miracle.  Micah has grown up listening to his Grandpa’s stories about the Circus Mirandus he visited when he was a child and the magician he met there known as the Lightbender. Grandpa says the Lightbender gave away miracles and he gave one to him too. But Grandpa was an unusual child. He didn’t ask for his miracle right away. He said he’d get it later. The later is now.  Micah assumes the miracle is something that will save Grandpa’s life so he sets out with his friend Jenny to find the Circus and get the miracle. He doesn’t realize Circus Mirandus has to find you. Only children that believe in magic can enter. Jenny who is a skeptic will have difficulty. But find the Circus they do and an adventure as well. And there they discover magic on its own cannot solve all problems anymore than it can make the people who find it good. It is precious and very complicated.

This is a classic story of the power of love, friendship, and of course magic. It is truly special and is a must-read.