Anyone But Ivy Pocket by Caleb Krisp

Don’t start this one unless you are prepared to read to the END in one sitting!

How much trouble can a Victorian house- maid get herself into? Plenty! When mystery, ghosts and a deadly conspiracy abound, almost anything can happen.

Twelve-year old Ivy is a horrible housemaid. It’s why she finds herself unemployed and stranded in Paris. She has no idea why no one appreciates her wonderful qualities. In fact, she has no idea how outrageous she is. Being self- important and self-absorbed has made her happy. But it has also made her penniless. So when the Duchess of Trinity hires her to deliver the Clock Diamond to Matilda Butterfield for a tidy sum, she accepts. The adventure begins. Her only instructions are to give the necklace at the birthday party and

NEVER EVER put the necklace on. So of course what does she do? She puts it on and discovers the Clock Diamond is not what it seems. It gives visions of the past and the future. It’s also quite bit more…and she is…quite a bit more as well, and that’s why soon there are villains after both of them!

Take one part Lemony Snicket, another part Downton Abbey and mix in a healthy dose of danger and magic and you have the perfect recipe for outrageous fun. This is the beginning of a new series that is sure to deliver thrills and laughs.  I would be remiss not to comment on the absolutely wonderful illustrations that cleverly add so much to the story. All this being said, this is a must read.