We love celebrating with authors when their books are released! Today’s shout out goes to Madelyn Rosenberg and her delightful new book, NANNY X RETURNS.


The Reviews:

Let’s check in with Kirkus to see what they have to say:

“If Ian Fleming wrote Mary Poppins, the outcome would resemble Rosenberg’s second pleasantly foolish mix of child care and espionage, which is as breezy and funny as the first. Alison and Jake, two Everykids, again trade off narrative duties chapter by chapter as they help Nanny X solve the case with her teething-ring handcuffs, baby-powder spyglass, and diaper-phones, thus ably proving she’s not ready for retirement. Readers will join Alison in hoping for more cases to come their way. “(Fiction. 7-10) –Kirkus Reviews

If IAN FLEMING WROTE MARY POPPINS?? Wow. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The Blurb:

This action-packed and hilarious novel introduces a Mary Poppins for the twenty-first century.

What kind of nanny wears a motorcycle jacket, mirrored sunglasses, and a straw hat with flowers on top? When ten-year-old Ali and eight-year-old Jake find out that this odd woman named Nanny X is going to care for them, they’re understandably concerned. Imagine how they feel when she starts speaking into diapers? But wait; could it be that the diapers actually seem to be answering her back? Everything begins to make sense when the kids find out that Nanny X works for NAP, or Nanny Action Patrol, a group of crime busters who use being nannies as their covers. Nanny X and her diaper bag full of ingenious spy devices come in pretty handy when Ali’s friend is falsely arrested. In no time at all, Ali, her brother, and her baby sister are on a wild ride as they help their new nanny uncover a plot to smuggle stolen diamonds using hollow coconuts and trained chimps.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the book is hilarious. The author is as well.

The Author:

Madelyn Rosenberg has written several books including NANNY X, THE CANARY IN A COAL MINE,  HOW TO BEHAVE AT A TEA PARTY and the newly releases HOW TO BEHAVE AT A DOG SHOW. It was meant to be.

“If you ask any of my older relatives, the ones who call me “Maddie,” they’ll tell you they always knew I’d become a children’s writer. “Remember when you wrote that story about the raccoon and the mask?” they say.  (They cannot remember my earlier work, “Mommy’s Flying Birthday Cake,” but no matter.) Of course I rememadclose1-300x229mbered the raccoon story. I wrote it for Mrs. Sinha’s fifth grade class and frankly, there have been a number of times when I’ve worried that it was the height of my children’s writing career. The story (raccoon bobs for apples at a Halloween party, mask shrinks, hijinks ensue) had an arc and a climax, though if I were writing it today I would probably torque up the tension.

Anyway, I went to high school and then to college and I didn’t become a children’s book writer. I became a journalist. (“I always knew you’d become a journalist,” a high school friend told me at a reunion once, “because you were the puzzle page editor in Mrs. Sinha’s fifth grade class.” You see? Fifth grade was clearly a pinnacle year.)”

The Details:


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