Genuine Sweet by Faith Harkey

Magic is alive and well in Sass Georgia. Fortunately for us, it comes in convenient single person servings, in biscuits! Wishes never tasted so good.

Times are hard for twelve-year-old Genuine Sweet. Her mom is dead, her father is drunk and unemployed, and her Grandma is sweet but old. But then Grandma tells Genuine the family secret. Genuine like her mother and her Grandma is a wish fetcher. That means she can collect the magic in starlight and use it to make other people’s wishes come true. Every wish fetcher has to find their own way to spread the magic, and Genuine must too, so she puts her own spin on the family tradition and puts her magic into biscuits. Soon she’s in the wish granting business.

A whole lot of biscuits get eaten in Sass, and Genuine and her newly arrived city girl friend Jura figure out a way to use the biscuits not just to help the people of their town but the world as well—using the Internet of course.  The only down side to all this wish granting is Genuine cannot wish for herself and if she does, she’ll lose her power. So what do you think happens? It does, but it’s not as simple as that, just like this story is not as simple as it appears. Genuine Sweet is a down home modern fairy tale with Southern charm and enough layers to satisfy picky readers. With characters that are well crafted and a story that is as genuine as it is charming, Genuine Sweet is a must read.