The Doldrums by Nicholas Gannon

Some children are destined for adventure. It’s in their blood! Meet Archer B. Helmsley, grandson of world explorers. He lives in his grandparents’ house that is full of oddities and treasures they have collected on their travels. He has everything he needs to spark his imagination and launch him on his own adventure. But there is a problem. He hasn’t had one yet. He is stuck in the DOLDRUMS. Here this phrase means calm but boring times.

Is it the fault of his grandparents? They aren’t around. They got themselves stranded on an iceberg near Antarctica. Is it the fault of his parents? They are over protective. His father is a lawyer and his mother barely lets him out of the house.  Is it the fault of his school? Shouldn’t it be teaching him something interesting? Could it be his own fault? Maybe. So how can a boy destined for adventure find his own adventure under the circumstances? The answer is with the help of some friends of course.

Archer teams up with his best friend Oliver and the new girl next door Adelaide, a peculiar French girl with a wooden leg and a story of her own to plan an adventure. They are going to find their way to the iceberg floating near Antarctica and rescue Archer’s grandparents. When their plan doesn’t go as expected, the detours along the way end up being their adventure. But do not worry there is promise of more adventures to come. With characters that are both memorable and likeable, just enough humor and a touch of mystery, THE DOLDRUMS delivers an adventure to both the characters and readers alike. This is the beginning of an exciting new series.