The Girl Who Could Not Dream by Sarah Beth Durst

Sophie’s friend is rather unusual. He cracks jokes, is very protective, and has sharp teeth! Is he a cat? Oh no, he’s got three rows of teeth. He’s a monster. He’s also not supposed to exist at all. Sophie brought him to life out of a dream, which if you were wondering is very hard to do for a girl who cannot dream! Then again, Sophie is not an ordinary girl.

Finally a book for those who loved Roald Dahl’s BFG and wondered what else could be done with those little bottles of dreams.

Sophie’s parents are in the dream- selling business. Apparently there are people who like both good and bad dreams. Where do they get the dreams? People pay them to take them away. They buy dream catchers. Sophie’s parents take the dreams out of the dream catchers and turn them into liquid. All of this must be kept very hush hush though, on account of those called the Watchmen. When Sophie’s parents’ shop is robbed and they go missing Sophie must team up with a couple of unlikely friends to save them. In the process, she uncovers not only a dark and dangerous conspiracy, but also where she fits in the world.

Durst blends humor, suspense and imagination flawlessly in this heart-warming installment of what I hope is a new series. It is a must read.