If a new literary agent arrives on the scene, especially one that is looking for middle grade fiction, you know the Mafia is going to let you know!

Meet Molly O’Neill!

Thirteen years ago, on the day after Martin Luther King Day, I started my first full-time job in children’s publishing as a marketing assistant and wide-eyed new arrival to New York City. In the intervening years, I set up a whole lotta conference booths; made friends with a myriad of librarians, educators, booksellers, and book creators; marveled over countless books; mailed out approximately a-zillion-and-three advanced copies to readers and reviewers; became an editor; spoke at a bunch of conferences; discovered and published some phenomenal authors and illustrators; acquired and edited #1 New York Times bestsellers and award winners and movie-makers; and took a temporary adventure into the world of tech and start-ups. Thirteen years later, I’m a richer (and incredibly lucky!) human, thanks to all of those experiences.

And thirteen years later, on the day after Martin Luther King Day, I’m starting again: this time as a literary agent, eager to contribute to the publishing industry in a whole new way, and to help guide the careers of authors and artists I haven’t even met yet. I’m so excited. (And ready to read, and read, and read, your submissions.)

Here’s to delightfully-circular career anniversaries and life pivots, friends!

You can read her entire Wish List here!

New agents who are trying to build their list are often very open to queries. Read her submission policy and GO FOR IT!

Good luck!