If a new literary agent arrives on the scene, especially one that is looking for middle grade fiction, you know the Mafia is going to let you know!

 Meet Tanusri Prasanna at HSG

She is interested in all sorts of kidlit, ranging from picture books and middle-grade to YA (including YA/Adult crossovers). Tanusri is drawn to storytellers who deftly inveigle readers into their intricately-crafted plots with great voice and a touch of humor, and to writers with a vivid sense of the absurd. And while her primary interest is kidlit, she is also open to selective domestic suspense (Tana French and Sophie Hannah are two of her favorite authors in the genre) and voice-driven narrative non-fiction on social justice issues.

New agents who are trying to build their list are often very open to queries. Read the HSG Submission Guidelines HERE.  Her information is below. Good luck!


Twitter: @TanusriPrasanna