The Fantastic Family Whipple by Matthew Ward

Arthur Whipple has a big problem. He’s extraordinarily ordinary. This just won’t do when you are a Whipple. The Whipple family has broken more world records than any other family on earth. For every child who ever dreamed of being in the Guinness Book of World Records comes a hilarious adventure sure to inspire some record breaking of its own!

Arthur Whipple is doomed. His fate was sealed on the day he was born because he was born on the wrong day! All the members of the Whipple family have managed to be born on March 1st. He wasn’t. From that day on all his attempts to be like them have failed. He can’t break even the smallest world record. Of course there are no small world records, not really. Look at some of the records broken by his sister Beatrice:

  • Most poison darts dodged in a single game of extreme hopscotch: 73; and
  • Most frankfurters eaten in one minute: 7

Breaking extraordinary records requires extraordinary skills. Arthur has none. It requires extraordinary efforts. He usually ends up giving up. It requires an extraordinary desire to win. Arthur is easy going. But when the family curse rears its ugly head during the Unsafe Sports Showdown and the Whipple’s reign as record- breaking champions is challenged by the Goldwins there is something Arthur can do extraordinarily well. He can be curious. It just might save the day. The Goldwins beat the Whipples with feats like breaking the record for Mother/Child Knife Throwing with Mother/Child Knife Throwing While Blindfolded! Arthur finds an unlikely ally in Ruby Goldwin and follows the clues to explain a series of mishaps.

Be prepared for laughs galore followed by sighs when you realize this is only book one of the Fantastic Family Whipple series. You will have to read book 2 to get the happy ending. Book 2 is War of the World Records.

With humor, inventive records and unforgettable characters, this books is a must read.

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