Dead Boy by Laurel GaleThere are many MG adventure book on the market, mine included, but I have never come across a book like Dead Boy by Laurel Gale.

The main character, Crow Darlingson, is undead (or is it unalive?) and has been forbidden to leave the house by his over protective mother. The only time of year he can venture out is on Halloween, but that’s lost its allure now that he can’t eat the candy. What Crow wants most of all is a friend.

Luckily, a quirky, friendly, loyal girl, Melody, moves in and so the story begins. The bond between the two is what made the story so riveting. The adventure plays out along a familiar arc that is found in many books, but the story of the odd friendship put a new spin on it.

Gale does a great job creating a magical world filled with danger tests that stand in the protagonist’s way. I enjoyed trying to figure out how the two kids were going to get through each obstacle.

Dead Boy is a fast-paced read perfect for kids 10 and older (maybe even an adventurous, mature 8-year-old). Enjoy!!

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