The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier

As a kid, I loved monster movies and action flicks. In The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier, I got to relive those glory days.

The story is told partly through the typical narrative format, but it is the graphic novel sections that make it a truly fun read. The illustrations by Douglas Holgate are action packed and are done in a style that makes you feel the pictures are about to jump off the page and move. In fact, I can totally see this as a show on Cartoon Network!

The premise is that a monster apocalypse has occurred and  13 year-old Jack Sullivan is on his own. Armed with a bat and a camera, Jack sets off on an Oreo and Mountain Dew fueled crusade to find his best friend, Quint, and save the girl, June (spoiler: she doesn’t need to be saved!). Along with the school bully, Dirk, they fight through zombies and the “boss” of the book, Blarg.

Warning: This book will be hard to put down. Other than that, my inner child recommends this funny, action-packed story to kids 8+, and those who were that kid battling imaginary monsters in your backyard.

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