Demon Dentist by David Walliams

Children won’t ever think of the tooth fairy the same way again! David Walliams has created a creature so vile, so horrible, it will send children to their beds to shiver and LAUGH hysterically. Yes, that’s right. Demon Dentist is a perfect blend of horror and humor that runs circles around that other children’s book that blended theses genres so well: The Witches. It’s no surprise Walliams has been hailed by British critics as the “next Roald Dahl.”

Twelve-year old Alfie is scared of dentists. It‘s totally justified. His teeth are rotten. Many of them need to be pulled out. So when a new dentist comes to town offering special sweets and free toothpaste he is naturally suspicious. He keeps his distance. He’s already tense. All the children are. The tooth fairy is not leaving money under their pillows; she’s leaving putrid things like toads and eyeballs. His father is also very ill. That’s why a social worker has begun looking in on him. Go figure, the first thing she wants to do is make sure he goes to the dentist! When Alfie and his friend Gabz set off to investigate the mysterious behavior of the dentist Miss Root they get some big surprises.

Non-stop action, slapstick humor and a whole lot of heart are blended masterfully with grisly, gory, frightening things. Adults who have bad memories of trips to the dentist will not enjoy this, but children will LOVE it. It is a must-read.

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