Congratulations to award-winning children’s author Monika Schroder on the launch of her heartfelt novel, Be Light Like a Bird28234735

After the sudden death of her father, Wren not only has to deal with her own grief she must witness the strange way her mother is grieving. Wren’s mother decides they need to move and Wren has to jump into the sixth grade at schools in two different cities before they finally settle in a little town call Pyramid.

Needless to say, Wren has a tense relationship with her mother, but she finds some unexpected friends along the way. She experiences the typical middle school problems mixed in with some adult issues. Although, Be Light Like a Bird is sad at times, the pacing is perfection and the quirky characters help move the story along.

I also enjoyed the unique way the author chose to distract Wren from her problems by being an environmental advocate. The growth of all the characters make this story a satisfying page turner where you look forward to seeing the resolution at the end.

So, happy book birthday to Monika Schroder from the Middle Grade Mafia.

Monika Schroder writes historical fiction for middle and high school readers. Monika grew up in Germany. She has worked as an elementary school teacher and librarian in international schools in Egypt, Chili, the Sultanate of Oman, and India. She currently lives in the Blue Ridge Mountain of North Carolina with her husband and dog.

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