A Most Magical Girl by Karen Foxlee

Annabel Grey knows she’s not supposed to look into puddles. Her mother forbids it. She can’t help herself. The terrifying images she sees in them are mesmerizing. What is happening to this prim and proper Victorian young lady? It’s magic of course! She is a most magical girl.

She doesn’t know its magic. Her mother has kept her magical past from her and sent her to a Victorian finishing school. But when her mother is called away, Annabel goes to live with her aunts. They run a magic shop. She learns about magic in a hurry. Trouble is brewing. Mr. Angel and his Dark Magic Extracting Machine are creating creatures known as shadowlings. They will destroy London, as they know it. Annabel and Kitty, a betwixter, a girl who lives both in the fairy and magical worlds are sent to London Below to find help. Annabel must find a way to save the day, trusting her instincts, all while remaining a proper Victorian young lady.

With lyrical language, a grim and frightening villain, and scenes so alive you will feel you have time-traveled, A Most Magical Girl delivers a whimsical and satisfying magical tale. You will wish it didn’t have to end. It is a must read.

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