The Memory Thief by Bryce Moore

Buckle your seat belts. Sit back. Enjoy the ride. The Memory Thief is a fast paced middle grade adventure that moves like an amusement park ride. The tracks are familiar. There are highs and lows, plenty of excitement and a few chills. But there’s an interesting twist too: it’s about memory.

When eleven-year old Benji runs into the Memory Emporium, a tent in his local county fair, he stumbles into much more than a feeble old man. He stumbles into a dangerous adventure that will test him. Not only will he come face to face with the excitement stealing memories brings, he will come face to face with temptation.

Do all memories matter? Wouldn’t we better off without some of them? When Benji starts “thieving” to make his twin sister and his parents “right,” he ends up with much more than he bargains for.

With a fast pace, a clever premise, a likeable main character and just enough danger to keep readers reading The Memory Thief is a must read.

Order it now with the book’s exclusive release through Barnes & Noble. The book will release September 20, 2016.

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