The Best Mistake Mystery by Sykvia McNicoll

Stephen Nobel has the makings of a good detective, but he doesn’t know it. He’s observant, curious, and like the dogs he walks to make extra money, never gives up when he catches a scent of something, in this case a mystery. When a bomb squad blows up a backpack at school, and then someone smashes a car into the building, he’s not sure he’s got the right stuff to sort it all out. He is after all the boy who counts his mistakes every day. He worries following the trail of clues will be just another mistake. But before long, he, his friend Renee, and the dogs Ping and Pong are hot on the trail of the culprit. He learns that clues are everywhere if you bother to look for them and mistakes aren’t always the problem, sometimes they are the solution.

With a pitch perfect middle grade voice, fast-paced action, likable characters and adorable dogs this story cannot go wrong. It is a must read.

The Best Mistake Mystery will release in January 2017. Pre-order now, click here!

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