Moo by Sharon Creech

During a recent trip to the bookstore, I perused the young reader shelves, looking for something different. The cover of Sharon Creech’s MOO: A Novel stopped me in my tracks. There was a beauty in its simplicity and I had to pick it up.

I read the jacket cover and immediately knew this was the book I needed. In the time where the news has been filled with war, politics, and conflict, MOO provides a quiet story of kindness. Creech presents her story using words on the page as an art to help tell her story. Words bump, drip, and stretch across the page giving it a sense of being a living, breathing story.

I fell instantly in love with Reena, a twelve year-old girl who’s life is flipped upside down when her father loses his job in the city and the family moves to quiet Maine. She trades in a life of taxis, crowds and noise for a bike, farmland, and moos.

The story carries the reader along as Reena struggles, grows, and learns alongside Zora the Cow and the old woman who owns the farm, Mrs. Falala. Reena learns that things are not always what they first appear and there are rewards that come with hard work and in helping others.

This book is a special book that can be appreciated by everyone. As the weather gets colder, I highly recommend a warm fire, a cozy blanket and MOO.

To get it now, click here.

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