The Doll's Eye by Marina Cohen

I recently had the chance to interview the talented Marina Cohen. You can find that interview here on the blog. This is the review of her upcoming book The Doll’s Eye that will be published in February of 2017. Pre-order your copy now.

There is something seriously strange about the house Hadley has just moved into. It’s old and crumbling but has a dollhouse in perfect condition complete with a family of dolls!

Twelve-year-old Hadley thinks she’s too old to play with dolls, but she’s about to make an exception. She’s miserable. Her mother has re-married and they have moved to the country to be with her stepfather and stepbrother. She misses her friends. Her new stepbrother is annoying and there isn’t a girl her age around. There’s only Gabe a bug-obsessed boy. She misses her old life so much she’d do almost anything to get it back.

Then she gets her chance.

When she finds a glass doll’s eye she makes a discovery. It can make wishes come true. Wishes however are only as good as the one who makes them. How good is Hadley?

The Doll’s Eye is juvenile horror at its best. It will chill you, not just because of what happens, and plenty of exciting and scary things do, but because of what you expect might happen next. Artfully written, you can’t help but “imagine horrible things.” Some of these things happen and some do not, and that’s the fun of it. With just enough mystery and suspense to keep you turning the pages in a hurry, the story builds to a satisfying and startling conclusion. It is a must-read.

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