The Creepping Shadow


In The Creeping Shadow, book four in the Lockwood & Co. series, Lucy Carlisle left Lockwood & Co. to be a freelance agent. Everyone thought she quit because she was jealous of Holly the new girl in the company. But she had her reasons and it had nothing to do with Holly.

There are advantages to being independent. She can pick and choose which hauntings to tackle. She can work as much as she wants and rest when she wants. And the money isn’t bad. However, there are disadvantages too. Some of the adult supervisors are complete idiots. Some of her team members are scarier than the ghosts. And she spends too much time alone. Unless you count the talking skull in the jar that she carries around in her backpack. It’s a rare Type III ghost that only a very talented Listener like Lucy can hear.

When Lockwood knocks on her apartment door asking her to help them with an important case, she knows she should say no, but she gives in. It’s very hard to say “no” to Lockwood. Besides, it’s just one case, right? And it’s a whopper of a case. They have to find the source of a ghost that used to be a cannibal serial killer. Never one to play it safe, Lockwood seems even more reckless than ever and he almost gets himself killed.

Then Lucy’s talking skull is stolen. She and Lockwood go undercover to the black market to get it back only to discover that someone is hatching a truly evil plan and it’s up to Lockwood & Co. to stop them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is my favorite series. These bumbling but talented teenage ghost hunters risk their lives every night to rid England of the plague of the deadly dead. In the midst of exciting battles with phantoms, there’s also snarky humor and an intriguing mystery.

You must read it! But be sure to start with the first book, The Screaming Staircase. Even though you can enjoy all of the books by themselves because there’s plenty of action and mystery, you don’t want to miss the development of the relationships between the characters. The fifth and final book will be released in Fall 2017.

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