The Someday Birds by Sally J. Pla

“My hands aren’t really clean until I’ve washed them twelve times, one for each year of my life.”

From this first line, I knew I was hooked on The Someday Birds. Debut author, Sally Pla, does an amazing job of taking the reader in on an emotional road trip.

Twelve year old Charlie is one of those characters that you can’t help but root for. His idiosyncrasies are a part of his life, but his kind nature, his ability to persevere given all he is faced with in his young life, endears him to the reader.

Pla’s characters really come to life and made me feel as if I was with Charlie on his journey.  The blend of wit, emotion, and adventure. Plus, I couldn’t resist a story that contains a road trip in an RV and a three-legged dog.

Readers young and old will love Charlie and his tale of the Someday Birds.

About the Book 

Charlie wishes his life could be as predictable and simple as chicken nuggets.

And it usually is. He has his clean room, his carefully organized bird books and art supplies, his favorite foods, and comfortable routines.

But life has been unraveling since his war journalist father was injured in Afghanistan. And when Dad gets sent across country for medical treatment, Charlie must reluctantly travel to meet him. With his boy-crazy sister, unruly twin brothers, and a mysterious new family friend at the wheel, the journey looks anything but smooth.

So Charlie decides to try and spot all the birds that he and his dad had been hoping to see together in the wild. If he can complete the Someday Birds list for Dad, then maybe, just maybe, things will turn out okay…

Equal parts madcap road trip, coming-of-age story for an unusual boy, and portrait of a family overcoming a crisis.

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