The Uncommoners by Jennifer Bell

Toilet brushes that are guns! Need I say more? Jennifer Bell has created an amazing world where common objects have uncommon powers. And if you are wondering… MAGIC has nothing to do with it! Intrigued?

When Ivy and Seb rush their Gran to the hospital they end up on an adventure. Escape from the man wielding the toilet brush is just the beginning. Soon they are in a race against time to find their parents, unravel a mystery and save the mysterious world underneath London known as Lundinor.

Bell’s idea of turning the common into the uncommon is genius. She’s even done it to themes in children’s literature! Remember someone crawling through a wardrobe to get to Narnia? Sylvie and Seb crawl through a suitcase! Remember the invisibility cloak in Harry Potter or the ring in the Lord of the Rings? Sylvie uses an invisibility candle! The list goes on and on. Catching all the twists is great fun.

With a fast paced plot, a pitch-perfect voice and endless imagination, this is the beginning of a new series sure to hook both young and old readers alike. The Uncommoners #1 is a must read.

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