Fearless Travelers' Guide to Wicked Places by Peter Begler

Describing how a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie tastes is nearly impossible. This analogy could be used in describing a great story.

So, in an attempt to give you the experience/flavor of Pete Begler’s The Fearless Travelers’ Guide to Wicked Places, I thought it best to create a recipe: First, mix equal parts thrilling adventure and plot twists in a big bowl. Stir in a cup of Narnia and a dash of magic. Sprinkle in hint of Stephen King. Cook for 380 pages and serve with a dollop of the delicious darkness from under a kid’s bed.

Begler’s vivid imagination is on full display as he has created a world rich in depth and detail. The  main character, Nell, is thrust into this surreal adventure to save her mother from the place where Nightmares live. Nell is well-developed and relatable as the the unsure, self-doubting pre-teen who must rise to the occasion. The reader goes along on this journey with her, treading deep into the dark, spooky places that will have you turning on more lights.

The story definitely drew me in from the start and wouldn’t let go. Plan on having a long weekend to hide under the blankets and devour this tasty treat. Bon Appetit!

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