The Charmed Children of Rooskill Castle by Janet Fox

Charmed children tell no tales.

Chills and thrills abound in this clever story that takes place in Scotland during World War II. When Kate Bateson is sent to Rookskill Castle with her brother and sister to avoid the air raids in London, she has no idea that this “school” for children is full of danger. There is a German spy, children who look like ghosts and the Lady of the Castle who is more evil than Kat could ever imagine.  When students begin to disappear Kat must figure out why.  What she discovers defies any logical explanation. There is old magic that can take the souls of children and new magic that can bring them back, if she only has the courage to use it.

With suspense, horror and just enough history to whet the appetite, this is a powerful story that looks at how the lines between good and evil sometimes get blurred, and what it takes for good to prevail. It is a must read.

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