Castle in the Mist by Amy Ephron

Magic still exists, if you know where to find it.

Tess is unhappy. She and her brother must spend the summer with their Aunt in England. There’s no Wi-Fi! Wandering the English countryside is boring, until she discovers an old brass key that opens a gate that’s attached to an invisible wall! Beyond the gate is a mysterious castle in the mist. A lonely boy lives there with some mysterious people. William’s world is full of old-fashioned pleasures: good food, Carnival games, a carousel and a rose garden. It’s also full of danger. There‘s world beyond the Hawthorne trees that makes children disappear.

Tess soon learns that magic is much like the castle hidden in the mist. It’s always there, even if you can’t see it. And wishes do amazing things even in the modern world. She just has to believe they can.

This is a heartwarming story that blends modern and classic themes. It will stay with readers long after they are done reading because it leaves a sweet satisfying aftertaste that sparkles with just the right amount of magic. It is a must read.

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