How to Write Dazzling Dialogue by James Scott Bell

How do you make your writing stand out from the competition? Be LOUD. Dial up good dialogue.

Long before there were writers, there were storytellers. Some stories became myths. Others became legends. Many were forgotten. Why?

Some stories just sound better.

The same holds true for writing. I’m not talking about writing that sounds good when read out loud, though that is a plus. I’m talking about writing that jumps off the page and makes the reader take notice. It’s LOUD. And the fastest way to loud writing is to create good dialogue.

JAMES SCOTT BELL, the bestselling and award winning suspense writer and writing coach shares what he knows in How to Write Dazzling Dialogue. Think of it as a writing workshop you can do at home. Among other things he discusses:

  • The 11 secrets of good dialogue
  • The 5 essential tasks for dialogue
  • 5 ways to improve your ear for dialogue

There is practical advice on how to make your dialogue dazzle and plenty of practical information like how to punctuate dialogue properly.

One of my favorite sections and one I think MG writers will appreciate is the suggestion to do a Voice Journal. The journal is your time to get to let your character talk about everything and anything. Let’ em talk! Write until you hear how distinct your character’s voice is loud and clear!

With valuable advice and an easy to follow format, this book is a must for all writers. Use How to Write Dazzling Dialogue to dial up unforgettable stories. Happy writing!

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