When Edward unleashes time foragers by accident, the universe begins to unravel. It is up to him and his friends to save the day. Can they survive the Winter Solstice?

The Winter Solstice is recognized by many cultures as a magical and dangerous time. The word solstice literally means the date “the sun stands still.” Of course the saying refers to the perception that time is shorter not reality. There are still 24 hours in the day. But what if there weren’t? What if something gobbled up time? This is the premise of The Time Fetch where the fabric of time and space falls apart when time foragers take away all of time, not just the moments no one will miss.

Herrick masterfully weaves together the science of time, magic and the trials and tribulations of coming of age. While readers are carried along by the fast-paced adventure they will find themselves thinking of bigger issues relating to time and the nature of the universe. With memorable characters and a thought provoking plot, The Time Fetch is a must read.