Warning: THIS BOOK ISN’T SAFE by Colin Furze will inspire you to get up and try to build some super cool stuff. Luckily, the ability to operate a blowtorch isn’t required!

For those who may not be familiar with Colin Furze, he is a wildly popular YouTuber with millions of subscribers. He is the King of Crazy Inventions and truly an entertaining dude. His videos are one part mad scientist, one part comedy, and all parts awesome.

In his book, he brings all of the humor, all of the excitement and outlines ten super cool things that can be built in your own garage/shed/basement laboratory. If you’re up for the challenge, Colin will take you step-by-step to building your very own milk bottle raft, Frisbee-flinger, and even a self-wedgie system (yeah, you read that correctly, but it can do more than yank up your own underwear).

The book also lays out some of his favorite inventions that he has done on his YouTube videos. While these take a bit more than most of us can handle (I know I’m no master welder), they are truly incredible feats of construction. You don’t get 500 million video views by building bird houses!

This book is something kids will gobble up and not realize they are reading. Plus, has their minds churning over what is possible. Snatch yourself a copy, just make sure you are there to supervise the cutting and drilling.

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