I like listening to free samples of various books on Audible. After a while, I don’t have to look to who wrote what. The voice of each writer is as unique as a fingerprint. Why is that? Is a writer’s voice something we are born with or is it something we can be taught?

Voice can be taught.

Writer’s Digest has put together the must have text for all writers on the subject. Best-selling authors and instructors like Donald Maass, Adair Lara, Paula Munier, Dinty W. Moore, James Scott Bell and others offer advice. Writer’s Digest adds exercises and techniques guaranteed to help the novice and experienced writer. Part I explains what voice is. Part II shows you how to create your own voice. Part III Explains the difference between voice and style. Part IV explains how to match your voice to your genre and create your style. Finally, Part V talks about voice for non-fiction writing.

I especially liked the discussion in Part I about how to read aloud for analysis. We can learn much about our voice by analyzing what words and structure we choose over and over. That’s the good news. If you chose it, you can make it better. Happy Writing!