The Mafia Family loves everything middle-grade – middle grade books and middle grade authors – so imagine how exLast in the Long Line of Rebels by Lisa Lewis Tyrecited we were to judge a contest by authors in middle school!

The Bertie, a short-story contest for 10 -13 year olds, was founded by Mafia member, Lisa Lewis Tyre. The contest was named after Bertie, a grandmother, who is one of the most beloved characters in her book, LAST IN A LONG LINE OF REBELS.

Congratulations to everyone who entered The Bertie! Win or lose, you created a story that did not exist before. How awesome is that!

The Mafia judges had a very difficult time choosing, but at last, here are our winners.

The Bertie Winners  -10 & 11 Age Group

1st Place -($100.00)

Kailey Harmon

2nd Place – ($75.00)

Nathan Musgrove

3rd Place – ($50.00)

Kennedy Goggins

Honorable Mention – ($25.00)

Claire Francis

Lydia Reynolds


The Bertie Winners  -12 & 13 Age Group

1st Place -($100.00)

Skylurr Hall

2nd Place – ($75.00)

 Reagan Sweany

3rd Place – ($50.00)

 Weston Poe

Honorable Mention ($25.00)

Campbell Jenkins

Ainsleigh Wyman

Shelby Laine

Elyse Carney

Thank you again to Winnwood Retirement for sponsoring the contest, and to FatReels for creating the contest forms.

Participants, if you’d like your school notified via social media, leave a comment with the name of your school!

Lisa will be reaching out to you via your email address to get you the prize money. You can also contact her at Bertie (at) Lisa Lewis Tyre (dot) com or via Facebook here.


Lisa Lewis Tyre is the author of LAST IN A LONG LINE OF REBELS and HOPE IN THE HOLLER (January 2018). To learn more about her books or The Bertie, visit her website at




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