Red, as she calls herself, has seen a lot over the last couple of centuries. Trees do see a lot and know a lot, more than people. Red happens to be her town’s Wishtree. Every May, people from all over town write their wishes on a scrap of paper or cloth and tie it to Red. Obviously she can’t grant these wishes, even though sometimes she wishes she could.

When a Muslim family moves into the neighborhood, someone carves a mean message on Red’s trunk. It prompts the tree’s owner to consider cutting her down. Red rallies her animal friends to help her grant one wish before she’s chopped up for firewood. She wants to help the little Muslim girl find a friend.

From the author of “The One and Only Ivan”, Katherine Applegate gives a voice to an unusual and delightful character, a tree. Red is kind and wise, the epitome of the perfect grandmother. This sweet, heartwarming, delightful story is about friendship, acceptance and loyalty.

Rated “E” for everyone and I do mean everyone. This would make a great read-aloud to children too young to read it by themselves.