We love Book Birthdays here at the Mafia. Having your book on sale is sometimes surreal, often nerve-wracking and always exciting!

We are celebrating in style, eating cake and throwing punchbowls, because today is the official release of ODDITY, by Sarah Cannon!

The Book:

That cover is giving me life! Are those zombie rabbits?? Right away I want to know more and I can imagine a lot of kids loving this.

The Blurb: 

Join a tough eleven-year-old as she faces down zombie rabbits, alien mobs, and Puppet Cartels while trying to find her missing twin in Sarah Cannon’s imaginative middle-grade debut, Oddity.

Welcome to Oddity, New Mexico, where normal is odd and odd is normal.

Ada Roundtree is no stranger to dodging carnivorous dumpsters, distracting zombie rabbits with marshmallows, and instigating games of alien punkball. But things haven’t been the same since her twin sister, Pearl, won the town’s yearly Sweepstakes and disappeared . . .

Along with her best friend, Raymond, and new-kid-from-Chicago Cayden (whose inability to accept being locked in the gym with live leopards is honestly quite laughable), Ada leads a self-given quest to discover Oddity’s secrets, even evading the invisible Blurmonster terrorizing the outskirts of town.

But one of their missions goes sideways, revealing something hinky with the Sweepstakes . . . and Ada can’t let it go. Because, if the Sweepstakes is bad, then what happened to Pearl?

The Reviews:

“Sarah Cannon is puppet master of this delightfully dark and hilariously creepy debut. Herein, you’ll find excitement, adventure, and heart―and I don’t just mean the kind you’d be likely to discover, still beating (perhaps even beatboxing), in a jar at the local Oddity grocery.” ―Heidi Schulz, New York Times Bestselling author of Hook’s Revenge

“Readers will be hooked from the first page…. Featuring a diverse cast of characters, this fantasy is chock-full of adventure and agency, making it a must-buy and a must-read for most ­middle graders.” ―School Library Journal

Utterly endearing. A charming, enjoyable thrill ride with memorable characters, crazy creatures, and a theme about the importance of family.” —Booklist

WOW. Talk about glowing!!

The Author:

Sarah Cannon, author of Oddity, has lived all over the U.S., but right now she calls Indiana home. She has a husband, three kids and a misguided dog. Sarah holds a B.S. in Education. She’s a nerdy knitting gardener who drinks a lot of coffee, and eats a lot of raspberries. She is probably human.

The Details:

To order Oddity, click HERE.

Follow Sarah on Twitter HERE.

Congratulations, Sarah! We wish you and your book much success!!

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