We have a very special guest with us on the Mafia blog today. Kailey Harmon won 1st Place in the 10/11-year-old category of The Bertie short-story contest! An avid reader and a great writer, we were thrilled when she agreed to be interviewed.

Welcome, Kailey!

M: What is the first book you remember reading?

 KH: The first book I remember reading? Well, it was a while ago, but I think it was my Veggie Tales Bible. I’m not sure. It could be either that, or maybe some of my Disney books for little readers (kids who are just starting to learn how to read). It could be a whole different book – who knows? But what I do remember is my mom reading “Level 1” Reader books to me when I was really little.  

Excellent question! I was sent back through memories when I read it.

M: What is your favorite book?

KH: Other than “Last In A Long Lines of Rebels,” my favorite book is Bluestar’s Prophecy, written by Erin Hunter. It tells the story of a leader of a group of cats called ThunderClan. Bluestar faces many challenges  – including giving up her kits –  before rising up as leader of ThunderClan. She experiences both triumph and grief – a lot of grief – before realizing what her Clan expects of her as leader.   

M: Do you like books that are in series best or stand-alone stories?

 KH: I like stand-alone stories, but I mostly prefer series. Some of my favorites series include “Warriors,” “Survivors” (which I haven’t finished yet), “Seekers” (haven’t finished), “Harry Potter,” and “Spirit Animals.” I like many other series, but the ones I’ve listed are the latest ones I’ve read. I also like “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” but I only made it to book 5 before the school year was over. I borrowed that series from my school library, which, I believe, has all of the books in the series. I’ve started over now, but I’ll catch up one my reading in no time!

Cool question! When I read it and began typing my answer, I wanted to grab a “Spirit Animals” book and start reading it, then and there!

M: What type of stories would you like to see more of?

KH: Stories that I would like to see more of? Well, I would like adventurous, scientific, and stories about important events in history to be more . . . frequent. For example, someone needs to write a book about the reason why German submarines sank the Lusitania (which I know the reason, but more people need to know, too). Also, we need more books on the “Jazz Age.”

I must admit, this was a tough question to answer. I couldn’t think of many answers! I appreciate you giving me a question of which I could sit back and think.

(M: I TOTALLY know why the Lusitania was sunk. Of course, I do. But feel free to leave the answer in the comments, you know, for everyone else.)

M: If you could have an author visit your school, who would it be?

KH: Why, Lisa Lewis Tyre, of course! Erin Hunter, too. Both are amazing authors. Miss Tyre’s book “Last In A Long Line of Rebel’s” character is adventurous, and does everything in her power to save her house. Miss Hunter’s books tell about experiences of cats, bears, and dogs. In “Warriors,” it tells about a tom named Fireheart. That is, before he becomes leader of ThunderClan and changes his name to Firestar. There are at least five other series of “Warriors,” and . . . well, you get the idea. Both authors wrote amazing books, and I’m happy to say that both of them – and their stories – have inspired me to write my own stories.

M: If you could jump in a book and be one character for a day, what book and what character would you choose?

 KH: What book? “Spirit Animals.” What character? Meilin. She is a brave – yet stubborn – girl who has amazing combat skills. She can fight with staffs, axes, and swords. She can use longbows, crossbows, and spears. But her favorite fighting technique is hand-to-hand combat. I don’t blame her – you can fight easier with your hands and feet.

Interesting question!

M: How important are the following to helping you select a book to read?

Cover:             Very                Somewhat                  Not a factor

Friend recommendation:     Very                Somewhat                  Not a factor

Librarian recommendation:      Very                       Somewhat                  Not a factor

Book blogs, websites, etc.:      Very               Somewhat                  Not a factor

M: Finish this sentence…

KH: I love stories about adventures, legends, science, history, weather, and battles.

Thank you so much, Kailey. We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us!

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