Can you trust your own shadow?

Emmeline is a shadow weaver. That means she can shape and control shadows, all shadows except for one, her own. Emmeline names it Dar and treats it like a best friend. It is her only friend. Other children are afraid of her.

Dar maybe her friend but she is not just a shadow.

When Dar does something terrible, Emmeline and Dar escape into the woods Emmeline discovers there are other magical children, each with different abilities including Lucas, a light weaver, Dar gets jealous of him and tells Emmeline she once was human. She needs her help to become flesh and blood again. It requires dark magic. Will Emmeline help her because they were once best friends or do the right thing?

Connolly masterfully shows Emmeline’s struggle between staying loyal to her best- friend and doing the right thing. Shadow Weaver is the first in a promising new series. It is a must read.

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