Children make peculiar ghosts. They don’t always haunt like they are supposed to!

When Tessa’s family moves to Chicago her mood matches the gray skies. She’s sad because she left her best friend behind, nervous about starting a new school and dreading living in their old house. It turns out she’s not the only one unhappy on Shady Street. The house is haunted by the spirit of a little girl!

This ghost is unusual. She steals art supplies and leaves Tessa drawings. She scares almost playfully. Tessa joins forces with some kids from school to solve the mystery of who the ghost is. Clues lead them to Graceland Cemetery where the statue of a little girl seems to vanish in lightning storms!

Based in part on a real story, the tale has just enough spook to keep readers on edge but not enough to scare. The characters are instantly relatable and the story is sure to leave readers wanting to know more about the history of Graceland Cemetery. The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street is the perfect read for a bit of Halloween any time of year.