Most of the books we receive from publishers and publicist are fiction. Occasionally, we will receive a great non-fiction book teaches MG readers about historical events or people. Then there is the rare gems that are creative activity books for kids of all ages. Recently, we received Turn This Book into a Beehive by Lynn Brunelle and illustrated by Anna-Maria Jung. Buying this book won’t only educate children about the importance of bees, or give them a fun activity to do on a rainy day, but it could also make a difference. Here is more about this great book…

About the Book – What a promise! Actually, promises. First, here’s a book that teaches kids all about the fascinating world of bees. Second, fun exercises, activities, and illustrations engage the imagination and offer a deeper understanding of bee life and bee behavior. Third, by following a few simple steps including removing the book’s cover and taping it together, readers can transform the book into an actual living home for backyard bees. Fourth, added all together, Turn This Book Into a Beehive! lets kids make a difference in the world—building a home where bees can thrive is one small but critical step in reversing the alarming trend of dwindling bee populations.

Twenty experiments and activities reveal even more about bees—how to smell like a bee, understand the role of flowers and pollen, learn how bees communicate with each other through “dance,” and more. It’s the real buzz on bees, delivered in the most ingenious and interactive way.

About the Author

A four-time Emmy Award-winning writer for “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” Lynn Brunelle has over 25 years experience writing for people of all ages, across all manner of media. Previously a classroom science, English and art teacher for kids K-12, an editor, illustrator, and award-winning author of over 45 titles, Lynn has created, developed and written projects for Chronicle, Workman, National Geographic, Scholastic, Random House, Penguin, A&E, The Discovery Channel, Disney, ABC TV, NBC, NPR, The Annenburg Foundation, World Almanac, Cranium and PBS.

Her passion is to make complicated things accessible and fun. Her latest book for adults, a memoir called Mama Gone Geek, was released in 2014 and won the Independent Publishing Award Gold Medal. Her latest book for kids, Big Science for Little People: 52 Activities to Help You & Your Child Discover the Wonders of Science was released this October.

Lynn lives nestled in the Pacific Northwest woods with her husband, two sons, two sassy dogs and a very feisty orange cat.