Home Alone meets Coraline

Eleven year-old Daisy Fitzjohn longs to see the world. She’s never been off the grounds of Brightwood Hall. She lives there with her eccentric mother who survived a family tragedy, and some peculiar friends, a talking rat named Tar, a topiary horse and a ghost of a young girl explorer. The outside world comes to Daisy when her mother doesn’t return from a shopping trip and a stranger who claims to be her mother’s cousin comes calling. Her mother’s warning that the crazy runs in the family takes on new meaning. The man wants Brightwood Hall and will stop at nothing to get it.

With plenty of suspense and right amount of scare, Brightwood is both entertaining and thought provoking. Readers will find themselves wondering what is the crazy? Does imagination give you the crazy or does the crazy give you imagination? This is a must read.

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