An instant classic!

Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead bring us an unforgettable story about the meaning of friendship and family.

It’s been five years since Livy visited her grandmother in Australia. Not surprisingly, everything looks different.  Her grandmother seems disappointed Livy doesn’t remember things. She worries Livy is growing up so fast, they won’t be able to stay a family living so far apart. Livy figures all of this is normal. She was only five the last time she was here. But then bits and pieces start coming back to her, strange and mysterious bits and pieces. Who is Bob? Why is he hiding in her closet? Why does she forget all about him when she leaves her grandmother’s house?

Childhood weaves a special kind of magic.

Bob is a strange creature. He’s been waiting for Livy to help him get home. When Livy remembers what happened, she comes up with a plan to help get him home.

Set in the backdrop of arid rural Australia, Bob reminds us that the bond a family shares is like magic. Sometimes it stretches thin, but it never disappears completely.

Part fantasy and all parts old-fashioned fun, Bob is a tale that is sure to please children and adults alike. It is a must-read.