There are invisible doors in the town of Carousel.

Something strange is going on in the town of Carousel. Sinkholes are swallowing up buildings whole. There’s little warning of the impending disasters unless you happen to notice things like walls and mailboxes get crooked.

Twelve-year old Granite Flowerpetal (Gran) notices.

He’s an observant kid. It’s probably because he’s worried about fitting in his new school. But it could be because a mysterious girl named Catalina Catalan has attracted his attention. This is a new feeling for him. Whatever the reason, he soon finds himself following her and discovering she can do some unusual magic. She’s part of a secret society known as the lifters. It is trying to save the town from dark underground forces. They need kids to help out. They need kids like Gran.

With a humble and likeable male hero and plenty of mystery to keep readers turning the pages, The Lifters is the beginning of an exciting new series. It is a must read.