The Middle Grade Mafia loves being a part of author’s good news. One of the best feelings is seeing the cover of your book for the first time. Today, we share with you a book by Katie Sparrow, Little Apocalypse (HarperCollins January 2019). Put this one on your list!

About the Book:  Celia’s life has been lonely since her family moved to a new city full of strangers. All she wants is a friend. Maybe the sad-looking boy she’s seen around her apartment building, who seems like he might be as lonely as she is.

Then a sudden earthquake strands Celia’s parents out of town. Celia tries to reach out to the sad boy, Demetri, but he’s wary of letting her get too close. She’s on her own. Until she’s recruited by a group of kids calling themselves Hunters, who claim that the earthquake was caused by monsters only kids can see—and that Celia is destined to save the city.

Celia doesn’t feel special or destined to save anything. But as she gets closer to Demetri and joins the battle for control of the city, for the first time she feels like she’s seeing things as they really are. . .

About the Author: Katherine Sparrow is a debut middle-grade author with her book, Little Apocalypse, coming out from HarperCollins in January 2019. She’s been nominated for a Nebula Award, attended the Clarion West Writers Workshop, and organizes workshops in Seattle for writers at all parts of their journey. She has always loved books and how sneaky they are in getting you in to other people’s heads. If you’d like to be in touch, email, add yourself to her (infrequent) newsletter, or follow her on Twitter.