A few weeks ago, I saw the Book Release announcement for A Stitch in Time by Daphne Kalmar come across Twitter. All it took was one click to Amazon and I was hooked. Check out this first paragraph:

In her nightclothes in the early morning light, Donut perched on the chair at the small desk in her room. She held a number sixteen glass eye with a clamp, lining up the iris so it looked forward and to the right. Once before she has so concentrated on the socket and the wood glue drying that she had popped the eyeball in backward. There was no fixing it. That little deer mouse would forever gaze into the pitch-black of its own empty skull.

I mean, how beautiful is that??

Here’s the book blurb:

Donut is an eleven-year old geography buff who keeps her taxidermied mice hidden in her late mother’s hope chest. Her pops passed away, leaving her an orphan. Aunt Agnes has moved in, bringing along her lumpy oatmeal, knitting, and a plan to drag Donut off to Boston forever.

Donut stands to lose everything: her friends, her village, her home, the woods, and walks where the memories of her pops are stored up.

While Donut dodges the ache of missing her pops, she and her best friend Tiny plan how to keep her where she belongs.

A Stitch in Time by Daphne Kalmar is shot through with gorgeous, evocative language, and gets right to Donut’s heart.

The book blurb got it right – it is shot through with gorgeous, evocative language. The story of a girl finding herself orphaned and dealing with unwanted relatives isn’t new, I wrote a similar story myself, but Donut’s world and hobby are enthralling. I loved every page and admit to getting a bit choked up at the end. It’s no wonder that the book has received two starred reviews. You should add it to your TBR pile today!

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