Happy book birthday to Deborah Wiles and her latest book in the Aurora County series, A Long Line of Cakes.

In her latest novel, we are introduced to the Cakes, a large family of itinerant bakers, roaming the country wherever their talents are most needed. Emma Lane Cake has five brothers and four dogs. Her parents are the ones that decide when they’re no longer needed and it’s time to leave. That’s usually right around the time when Emma feels settled and has made new friends. She’s mapped out her friends all over the country and she’s not sure it’s worth making any more. Why bother, when they’re just going to leave anyway. But, what if she can hatch a plan to stay in Aurora County?

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the members of the Cake family along with the interesting characters in Aurora County. A Long Line of Cakes is a fun and heartwarming story.

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